About Us

About Us

The company was born from the hand of a family that, due to its dedication and perseverance, has focused on providing the best service in the distribution of the Screw and Automotive Industry, because our products sold are of quality, with competitive prices in the market and your excellent office.

Our goal is to be a leading commercial distributor of screws and related hardware, expanding our market to the entire country, satisfying the market in an efficient, effective and timely manner.

Today TORESCA FASTENERS offers more than 5,000 products, ratifying the commitment to growth obtained since its creation.


Consolidate the improvement of our processes to sustain competitiveness with quality products and remain in the market as the country's main distributor, and in this way satisfy the needs of consumer companies by offering the guarantee and variety of our products.


To be the most complete Major with the purpose of marketing and distributing everything related to the screws industry and thus becoming leaders throughout the national territory.


The perseverance we rely on to achieve our purposes.

Assume the fulfillment of the activities inherent to the different functions in an effective and efficient manner as a basis for daily commitment at work.

Being honest with ourselves and with others is the fundamental rule.

We treat them with loyalty, dignity, impartiality and trust.

Mutual support between workers, clients, suppliers, the company and our country.

We promote the integration of work teams with the purpose of achieving common goals, promoting and recognizing achievement, excellence, and comprehensive and individual development among our workers.

Continuous development:
We are entrepreneurs, we believe that there is always a better way to do things and grow day by day.

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